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There’s such an important difference between

  • I’m so upset by this character’s death! I loved them so much and it was such an emotionally charged moment! I need a week to compose myself.
  • I’m so upset by this character’s death! I loved them so much and their death was utterly pointless. It was done for unnecessary shock value and the plot will definitely suffer for it. I need a week to stop fuming.

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Hermione would have made a wonderful Slytherin. Fiiiiiiiiiiiic iiiiiiit!

The reason Hermoine isn’t a Slytherin is because she believes every time that what she’s doing is right.  Not good for her.  Not convenient.  Not simply contributing to her goals.  But she believes, with a whole-hearted conviction, that her choices are objectively right, fitting, and just.  That’s why she doesn’t flinch.  It’s one thing to think you’re doing something because it serves your ends, or its necessary.  It’s another to have the burning conviction that the thing you’re about to do, no matter how heinous it might seem, is morally sound and just.

Slytherins know they’re justifying their means to get their ends.  Gryffindors believe that every means they employ are just.  Hermoine is a crusader knight with a wand, and doesn’t care what the collateral damage is so long as she is just in her destruction.

This is why Gryffindors are infinitely more dangerous than Slytherins.  Slytherins serve their interests, and revise their plans when their interests aren’t served.  They deal in reality.  That’s what ambition is.  But Gryffindors will march a bloody path down to the gates of hell if they are convicted of the moral necessity and justice of it, casualties be damned.

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*sniffs air*

what a beautiful day to remember that lily evans got married fresh out of high school and then at the age of eighteen joined an underground politically radical vigilante sect and was in all likelihood not a snobby goody two shoes

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realization: the hufflepuff common room/dormitories is a freaking hobbit hole.

to make my point clear, this comes up if you put “hufflepuff common room” in google images:


which is, you know, Bag End.

but also here:




this, combined with the fact that our dormitories are right next to the kitchen leaves me with one conclusion:

hufflepuffs are, in fact, hobbits.

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